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Why Strong Magnetic and Electric Field Effect Come From Electrical Substation

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I already posted several articles about electrical substations. If this is the first time for you then read my previous post and you will how to set up an indoor and outdoor electrical substation and many more.

In this post, I am going to discuss the magnetic and electric field effect in an electrical substation and where it comes. So let’s go.

We all know that an electrical substation usually has a powerfully magnetic and electric field. This electric and magnetic field used to create by the incoming and outgoing transmission and distribution line which enters the electrical substation.

The sharpness of that kind of field is always different between the equipment inside and outside. Now if the distance increases then the field intensity will decrease.

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When you are making an electrical substation, no matter where it is, you have to calculate the intensity of the electric and magnetic field and this is the only way that you can save the ordinary people for this effect.

Now there are Some Reasons Why Electric and Magnetic Field Created:

1. Bus-work.
2. If the Transmission and Distribution Lines are Passing Through the Electrical Substation.
3. Power Transformers.
4. Line Traps.
5. Switchgear and Cabling.
6. The Air Core Reactors.
7. The Circuit Breakers.
8. The Capacitors.
9. Ground Grid.
10. The Computer.
11. DC Battery Chargers.

How Electric Field Created in a Substation:

When the voltage between the conductors prevails then the electric field generates in an electrical substation. But remember, the electric field is not created by the current. The magnetic operating voltage of this electric field decreases with a function and square distance with its source.

The electric field measured by the volt per meter. But the most familiar unit is the Kilo-volt per meter. If you want to decrease the effect of the electric field then use the high-quality conductor surfaces.

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How Magnetic Field Created in a Substation:

When current flows through the conductor then the magnetic field is created and remember it’s not for the voltage. When the distance increases from its source, the intensity of the magnetic field decreases, but it’s not so easy to shield this magnetic field.

The magnetic field usually measured by the Webers Per Square Meter (Tesla) or the Maxwells Per Square Centimeter (Gauss).
Here, One Gauss = 1×10−4 Tesla.

Some Reasons That Generate Magnetic Fields in Substation:

1. The Phase Spacing.
2. The Current Magnitude.
3. Bus Height.
4. Distance from the Source.
5. The configuration of Phase.
6. Unbalance Phase (Angle and the Magnitude).

The magnetic field effect will decreases if there is a long distance from its source. The magnetic field relies on intensity inverse function and its source. The magnetic field can be shielded by using specially engineered enclosures.

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