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In my last post about electrical substation, I discussed what is a substation, why we need substation and the most common components for an electrical substation? Now I will discuss the classification of an electrical substation. By this post, you will gain some very basic information for a substation. So let’s go.

Classification of an Electrical Substation:

An Electrical Substation can be classified according to its service, function, mounting and types of apparatus as installed below.

Service: Based on Service a Substation can be classified in two way,

  1. Static Types (AC to AC)
  2. Converting Types (AC to DC)

Function: An Electrical Substation can be classified by seven-way based on its Function,

  1. It’s Set Up
  2. Grid Connection
  3. Distribution
  4. Industrial Types
  5. The Power Factor Correcting
  6. As a Frequency Changer
  7. Direct Type Current to Light and The Power

Mounting: By the Mounting system a substation can be classified by a three-way,

  1. Indoor Type, 66KV, 33KV, 11KV
  2. Pole Mounted
  3. Outdoor Type 33KV to Above

Types of Apparatus: Based on the type of Apparatus a substation can be classified by five-way,

  1. Power Transformer
  2. Converting
  3. Rectifier
  4. Motor Generator
  5. Frequency Changer

Controlling: By this way, a substation can be classified three ways,

  1. Manual
  2. Automatic
  3. Supervisory

Insulation Types: By Insulation system, a substation can be classified two ways,

  1. Natural Air
  2. SF6 Gas

But most of the electrical substation mentioned in the illustration is safe explanatory and for the big industrial consumer, who required bulk power, it is always advisable to install their very own individual substation.

This kind of substation is called industrial substation. In my factory, we are having an outdoor substation. We got the power from our national grid and our mainline voltage is 33KV. We install two different transformers. The first one is 33/11KV and the second one is 11/0.415KV and both transformers are oil type with auto tap changing system.

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Our demand load from the national grid is 3000KW and it’s kind of bulk power requirement. For this reason, we built our very own Electrical Substation.

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