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Methods of Electrical Earthing Systems

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This is my second post about the electrical earthing system. In this post, I will discuss the requirement of the electrical earthing system and methods of electrical earthing systems.

Electrical Earthing System:

Electrical earthing system is composed of,

  1. Earth Electrode: Earth Electrode is the last part of an earthing system. It is the part of which is always buried into the earth. There is some types of earth electrode are used like Pipe Electrode, Rod Electrode, Driven Electrode, and Plate Electrode. According to your condition of the electrical system or equipment’s you will select the perfect types of electrode.
  2. Earth Lead: This is the connecting conductor by which connection to the earth electrode is made. Earth lead should be the same metal as the earth electrode. If you are using different conducting metal then the result can be different than you expected. It should lay in such a way that it is always well preserved. It can be taken through the conduit and connect with the system or equipment. But you have remembered the size of the conductor. The perfect size or an average earth lead conductor is a minimum of 3.00mm2 for pure copper and 6.00mm2 for GI or Steel. If you have the authority to select one of these earth lead, I suggest you select Copper earth lead.
  3. Earth Continuing Conductor: It is the connecting wire which will connect the different types of electrical equipment bodies to the earth lead or the earth bus bar on the ground level. Earth’s continuing conductor can be a separated wire, metal conduit pipe or PVC insulated to the earth cable armoring.

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Methods of Electrical Earthing Systems:

Earthing system always depends on the types of an electrode that you are using. Earthing method can be divided into,

  1. Pipe Electrode Types Earthing System
  2. Driven Electrode Types Earthing System
  3. Rod Electrode Types Earthing System
  4. Plate Electrode Types Earthing System

In my next post, I will discuss the earthing method in detail. Now if you find this post useful then please share with your friend and subscribe (Newsletter) to our website. Thanks

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