Electrical Safety

Learn all about electrical safety, safety gear and some technique that can save you from electrical hazard.

Explanation of Power Surge for House

Generally, a power surge can follow in any wire in your very new or old home and threaten any device plugged-in inside your house. Despite all many householders have a false assumption that surge protection is just a matter of plugging their devices into one among those low-cost, multi-outlet surge suppressors. What is a Power Surge? A power surge may…

Electrical and Fire Safety Inspection With Prevention in Winter Holiday

Safety First and it does not matter where you stay. There is some safety precaution you need to maintain where you stay. Ok, where you stay. If I am not wrong, you stay at your home with your family. Did you think that your home is safe from any electrical hazard? But I think, at first you should know what…

First Aid Treatment for Electrocution

When you are doing electrical work in your daily life then you must know how to work with electricity and if there is any electrocuted happens with you or someone then what will be the first step to deal with this problem. But before we go you must know the minimum voltage and current effect for the human body can…

Casualty of Electrical Shocks for Not Using Safety Equipments

In my last post, I talked about the Electrical safety procedure and precaution when you are doing work. Now I am going to tell you what type of electrical safety equipment you need for work. Even I also discuss, if there is an accident happened then what should you do with the person who is affected by sudden electrical shocks….

15 Important Electrical Safety Procedure and Precaution

In my last post, I talked about Current and Voltage effects on the human body and now I am going to tell you what Electrical Safety Procedure and Precaution you should maintain when you are at electrical work? 15 Electrical Safety Procedure and Precaution: Don’t depend only on switches; pull the plug from the socket. As an additional precaution, the…

Current and Voltage Effects on Human Body

In my last post about Electrical safety, I talked about the Electrical hazard and the reason behind it. Now I will talk about the Current and Voltage Effect on Human Body. Let’s start with the human body. Human skin resistance varied from 400 ohms for wet skin to 500000 ohms for dry skin. That’s means when you are wet then…

What is Electrical Safety, Safe Voltage and Current for Human Body?

When you are an Electrical Engineer or your work is related to electricity then you must know some basics about electrical safety. Because life is a very important subject in the world. In this post, I will explain some about electrical safety that can really save you while you are working. Electrical Safety: Yes, water flow we can see it….