Ten Crazy Trends In The Smart Home Industry

Smart home technology is sweeping across the nation as rapidly as a field fire. Not only that, it is changing the world at the same time. Here are 10 trends in the smart home industry making a huge impact on people’s lives!. 1. Demand For Voice Control 72% of smart home device owners want voice control capability. It’s one of the easiest ways to automate a home. But voice control capability comes at a high price. Interestingly enough this demand Read More …

8 Smart Home Devices for Energy Savings

Sometimes our monthly utility bill causes our heart working overtime. It’s a common problem for all around the country. One thing is important that your utility company is not cheating on you. It’s you who is not saving electricity.  In this post, we are going to provide you 8 smart home devices idea with an approximate cost that can save your energy. 8 Smart Home Devices for Energy Savings: There are many different ways to cut your energy bills down Read More …

Electrical Power Distribution with AUTOCAD, DIALux & Etap

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