33KV Outdoor Electrical Substation Equipment’s

I was responsible for making a 33KV outdoor electrical substation for my factory. In this post I will discuss all electrical equipment that we practically used in our outdoor electrical substation.

First of all our demand load form government grid line was 3MW and there was a guideline for making this substation like transformer must be install in outdoor, well grounding system and some other specification. Don’t worry I will give you a video link that you can see actually how we installed all equipments with order.

33KV Outdoor Electrical Substation Equipment’s:

So our first electrical equipment was ABS (Automatic Break Switch) and it was responsible for isolate the main incoming line manually form our substation. ABS use to install at the top of electric pole. Then there is electrical equipments name ACR (Automatic Circuit Recloser) and it was responsible for isolate the main incoming line before the substation.

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But it was automatic control circuit breaker and it use to powered by a PT which also installed at the top of the electric pole. No problem you will find red color equipment in video.

This two equipments installed before the starting our outdoor electrical substation. Now let’s go to the inside equipments list that we installed in our outdoor electrical substation.

ACR output three phase line will come to the three individual lightning arrestor which you will find at the top of electric pole and then you will find another electrical equipments called Isolator. Lightning Arrestor is responsible for protecting the outdoor substation form lightning stick and the isolator will isolate the incoming line when it’s needed.

With the Isolator there is another electrical equipments name Earth Break Switch and it installed with isolator with interlock system. When isolator is operational then earth break switch will not operate. Earth break switch mainly use for grounding purpose if there is any maintenance in outdoor substation.

If there is any maintenance in our substation we use to open the isolator and then we close the earth break and start working. Then you will find PT (Potential Transformer) which use for measuring the 33KV line present voltage from HT panel.

Now come to the 33KV VCB (Vacuum Circuit Breaker) and this VCB is responsible for turn off the 33KV line if there is any problem with power transformer incoming and outgoing side but we can control this VCB form HT panel. Then CT (Current Transformer) and we use CT for measuring the line current from HT panel.

You will find another set of Lightning Arrestor for same work. Then we have a 33/11KV Oil Type Transformer and an 11/0.415KV Oil Type Transformer. We are using 11/0.415KV Oil Type Transformer for our machinery required voltage.

You will find some earthing pit inside the substation and we have 17 earthing point across the substation but lightning arrestor grounding system is separated from the main interlink earthing system.

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