How Natural Gas Generator Can Save Your Life and Money?

The natural gas generator is an ideal choice for areas that are prone to hurricanes. In the hurricane season, the weather conditions are just right for the birth of hurricanes due to warm waters, low-pressure systems, and other circumstances. During late summers and start of fall, hurricanes start forming from Africa and appear as stifling disturbances over the Atlantic Ocean. The low-pressure turbulence is increased with moisture and warmth thus increasing risk for thunderstorms. Thunderstorms may die down over the Read More …

How to Start and Stop Waukesha Gas Generator?

In my last factory, there were two Waukesha GAS generators. It was my responsibility to keep two generators active for 24/7. Because it is the only power source for our factory.  Our two Waukesha GAS generators alternator model number was MTG 846, KVA 1125, KW 900, PF 0.8, Voltage 415, AMPS 1565, Hz 50, RPM 1000 and Phase 3. These two generators were synchronized by a synchronizer. In this post, I will discuss how to start and stop a Waukesha Read More …

Electrical Power Distribution with AUTOCAD, DIALux & Etap

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