Power Transformer Working Principle, Construction and Types

Transformer is a common word for an electrical engineer and engineering student. In this post I will discuss about what is transformer, its working principle, transformer construction, types of transformer and transformer testing. I am going to post a series of article about transformer with video. So let’s go.

What is Power Transformer?

By one sentence we can say, a transformer is a static piece of electrical equipment which can transform AC electric power form one circuit to another by step-up or by step-down the main voltage with same frequency. It is one of the most common electrical equipment with different size that we are using in our daily life form morning to night.

Power Transformer Working Principle:

Transformer has two or more separate coil winding placed on a common magnetic core. But the primary coil winding is responsible for supplying the alternating current (AC) with supplied frequency and it produces magnetic flux in the same frequency in magnetic core.

Then the flux linkage to the secondary coil winding also changes at the same frequency resulting in induced e.m.f of the same frequency to the secondary coil winding. But the direction of induced e.m.f in the secondary coil winding opposes the causes of producing the alternating flux by the primary coil winding.

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Construction of a Power Transformer:

Transformer has several applications for use. So transformer design, types and its accessories is depend upon its size, application and the location. Now there are some components and accessories of a transformer,

  1. Steel Tank (Body)
  2. Core
  3. Coil Winding
  4. Conservator
  5. Breather
  6. Thermometer
  7. Vent Pipe or Pressure Relief
  8. Valves
  9. Buchholz Relay
  10. Tap Changing Switch

Various Types of PowerTransformer:

A power transformer has several types like two winding transformer, three winding transformer and the auto transformer. Besides the auto transformer and the power transformer there are a great verities of special transformer. It includes the following,

  1. The winding Transformer
  2. Furnace Transformer
  3. Rectifier Transformer
  4. Regulating Transformer
  5. Mining Transformer
  6. Current and Voltage Transformer
  7. Traction Transformer
  8. High Voltage Testing Transformer
  9. High Frequency Transformer
  10. Short Circuit Testing Transformer
  11. Communication Transformer
  12. Control and Domestic Transformer

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Testes of Power Transformer:

There are two types of transformer testing,

  1. Open Circuit Test
  2. Short Circuit Test

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