Advantage and Disadvantage of Outdoor Electrical Substation

In this post I will discuss about the advantage and disadvantage of outdoor electrical substation compared with indoor substation.

Advantage of Outdoor Substation:

Outdoor Electrical Substation is located in Outdoor that’s means there will be no roof top. This following advantage can be found by an outdoor substation.

  1. The main construction work will needed is much smaller if we compared with an indoor substation.
  2. Always less quantity of building or infrastructure is needed.
  3. Insulation cost for a switchgear and others electrical equipment is very low.
  4. Adequate space between two separate adjoining equipment can be provided which can reduce the possibility of any kind of fault.
  5. Erection and Commissioning for the substation can be completed in much leaser time period.
  6. All equipment can be viewed and it can help to find the fault location easier.
  7. Future extension of the scheme is easier and whenever needed.

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Disadvantage of Outdoor Substation:

  1. Always more space needed to arrange all the equipment.
  2. The dirt and dust always deposits over the contact switch and others equipment, thus the maintenance cost can be increases.

In a conventional outdoor electrical substation (Rated 33KV and above) will have various substation equipment like Circuit Breaker, Current Transformer (C.T), Potential Transformer (P.T), Isolators, Earth Break Switch (A.B.S), Air Circuit Breaker (A.C.B) and some others will be installed under open sky.

Necessary clearance need to provide between phases, phase and ground. The equipment for outdoor switchgear manufactured separately and it will be erected at the site as per the switchyard layout.

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But for a low voltage (Below 1000V) and a middle high voltage (Below 33KV) the clearance required between phases between phases and grounds are relatively small. But all equipment likes Bus Bar, Circuit Breaker, Current Transformer (C.T), Potential Transformer (P.T), Isolators, Earth Break Switch (A.B.S), Air Circuit Breaker (A.C.B), Relays and others can be provided in/on factory assembled metal enclosed unite.

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