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How is Electricity Produced and Delivered to Our Homes

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You would like electricity because you need electricity. We cannot think about a single second of our life without electricity. Even when you are reading this article you may use Desktop PC or Cell Phone.

So without electricity, it cannot be possible to run this modern age device. Electricity is a part of our lives and we cannot ignore it.

In this post, I am going to discuss what is electricity, how it produces and how it delivered to our homes. In this article, you will get a clear idea of electricity.

Now, What is Electricity?

Before delving into however electricity is created, let’s begin with a little “Electricity 101 Lecture”. Electricity is the flow of free electrons from one place to another place, more specifically flowing around in a circuit system. “Free Electrons,” I think we found these words in our Chemistry Class.

Anyway, electrons are negatively charged subatomic particles. If anyhow, one of these electrons becomes free from its atom and forced to move to another place then electricity will produce.

Now outermost electrons, or valence electrons, require at least amount of force to be free from its present atom. When the free electrons find new atoms to latch onto, they just kick out an existing electron and the process begins all over again and again. And this is how producing an electric current.

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Now How Electricity Produced?

Generally, electricity produces by the three main sorts of Fossil Fuel like oil, coal and natural gas. Nowadays we are using renewable alternatives energy by using the power of wind, hydropower and solar power. This technology will be the ultimate solution for the near future.

Now let’s consider, we are burning fossil fuel and making steam or fluid that can move a turbine and it turns a magnet in a generator. Now, this movement causes those electrons to move one place to another place and this is how we produce electricity.

How Electricity Delivered to Our Homes:

Producing electricity is not the end of the system. Now come to the transfer of electricity to your home or industry. For this reason, we use a system called “Electrical Transmission and Distribution System”. We use a lot of substation to receive power and send it to your home.

It required a metal conductor to carry the electricity from one place to another place. A metal particle like Copper, Aluminium, Steel is used as an electrical conductor and we call it electrical cable. After completing these entire steps you are reading this article.

How is electricity produced and delivered to our homes

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