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How to Start and Stop MWM TCG 2020 V 16K Gas Engine Generator?

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Recently we installed and commissioned 2nos MWM TCG 2020 V 16K Gas Generator in our factory. Right now those two Gas Generators are the main power source for all types of machinery inside the factory floor. Those two Generators can generate a maximum of 3000KW at 100% load. But for a better life, it’s best practice to keep the load between 80 to 90%. In this post, I will talk about How to Start and Stop MWM TCG 2020 V 16K Gas Engine Generator?

How to Start MWM TCG 2020 V 16K Gas Engine Generator?

  1. Check and be sure that everything is alright around the Generator. That’s means; look for something that should not present around and with the Generator’s main body.
  2. While the Generator is starting, it’s better not to stand very close to the Generator.
  3. Generator operation mode must be in auto, in case it is not in the auto, make it auto from the manual mask screen.
  4. Now check for ready to be appearing in the status line, that’s means there is no previous alarm on-screen and then switch on the demand switch from GCP Panel.
  5. Initially, there will be pre-lubrication for 30 seconds to priming the engine.
  6. Then the starter motor will crank the engine & eventually the engine will start.
  7. Now check in the TEM Screen whether an alarm or fault is appearing after switch on the demand switch. Because with any alarm Generator will not start. If there is any alarm then eliminate the cause of these alarms & faults & then acknowledge them in the operation log mask screen.
  8. After acknowledging all alarm, again check for ready to appear in the status line.
  9. Now again turn on the demand switch from GCP Panel.
  10. Check in the TEM operating terminal data mask screen for engine speed & be sure that it is 1500 or in the vicinity.
  11. Check-in PPU for voltage & frequency.
  12. Synchronization will appear in the status line of the TEM operating terminal, indicating that the Generator is ready for closing the breaker.
  13. Then close the breaker closing switch & the breaker will be closed.

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How to Stop MWM TCG 2020 V 16K Gas Engine Generator?

  1. First, gradually decrease the load on the Generator.
  2. When Generator load is decreased to around 30 to 40KW, turn off the breaker closing switch & breaker will be opened.
  3. Then turn off the demand switch from GCP Panel to turn off the Generator.
  4. The cooling pump & pre-lube pump will run for some time after the Generator is stopped, which is a normal procedure of the TEM system.

There are some other things you need to check every time before you start and stop your MWM TCG 2020 V 16K Gas Engine Generator and all will depend on your plant design and the location of the plant.

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