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8 Easy Way to Reduce Electricity Bill

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The demand for electricity is increasing day by day. But the source of electricity is decreasing. Burning fossil creating lots of greenhouse gas that increasing the global temperature and there is no way that we can stay without electricity. In the meantime source of renewable energy is limited and expensive. That means only saving electricity can help us to solve all problems. If we use less electricity, then the pressure of generating electricity at the power station will decrease. Less electricity using means less money you need to pay. In this post, we will learn “8 Easy Way to Reduce Electricity Bill”.

First, Avoid to Using Home Appliances During “Peak Hours/Power” Times:

During the wintertime, the demand for electricity is usually greater in the morning to heat homes between the time of 6 AM to 9 AM and in the evening time from 6 PM to 8 PM. When we speak of “Peak Hours” we are referring to the times of highest electricity use over the course of the day. These times vary by season and by the electrical company. You can call your provider for up-to-date information about this peak hour’s duration.

Second, Replace Outdated Appliances:

Old is gold! Yes, it can be true for some special type of equipment. But for an electrical item, it can be totally opposite. For example, you have an old Air Conditioner at your home which was made in 19 century. Now the usable shelf life for your old AC is like already expired. The electrical components inside the AC are old have much resistance than before. Compressor, wiring cable become weak.  But till now if you are determined to use this old AC then your monthly electricity bill will reach a new height margin. Modern AC already came with inverter technology that can reduce your previous electricity bill a minimum of 30 percent. There is some other old equipment like old Television, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Electric Iron, etc.

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Third, Use a Smart Power Strip:

Smart power strips with surge protection can help you fight energy vampires by safeguarding against both vampire energy drain and power surges and overloads. Easily installed and adjusted via automated scheduling, Alexa/Google Home these inexpensive and simply installed devices make switching home theatre equipment, gaming systems, etc.

Fourth, Unplug Items That isn’t in-use:

We all are busy. Don’t have enough time to eat, sleep. It’s a common argument for some people. In the meantime, we also forget to shut down our Computer, Television. This is one of the main reasons that increase our electricity bill. Even, if we keep plugging our mobile charger with an outlet, it also takes some power to run in default. If we just care about our home appliances, we can easily reduce our electricity bill every month. There are some home appliances that can draw electricity,

  1. The TV and DVD players.
  2. Video game consoles.
  3. Microwaves.
  4. Power Adapter, Indicator Light, Digital Clock, etc.

Fifth, Wash Laundry in Cold Water:

Ninety percent of the energy you used to wash your clothes is attributable to water heating. Only 10 percent goes to washer operation. Now think about the losses.

Sixth, Install Dimmer Switches:

Generally, normal home lighting accounts for 12 percent of the average electricity bill. Dimmer switches and light occupancy sensors help mitigate these costs. You can install this switch at your home.

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Seventh, Install a Programmable Thermostat:

Smart and programmable thermostats also help you save by adjusting temperatures when your family is away from the home. Today’s latest smart thermostat can save you from a 10-23 percent electricity bill annually.

Eighth, Lower The Temperature on Your Water Heater:

Another thing is that, if you just lower the temperature on your tank-style water heater to 49 degrees C will offer you substantial savings. Shorter showers can also boost savings. There are some other techniques like insulating your water heater tank and turning it off when it’s not in use like when you’re on vacation can also save your electricity bill.

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  1. I noticed that my electricity bill rose, probably because I started working from home, which is why I’m thinking of having a solar panel installed, since this may help reduce my bill. Thank you for this; I’ll make sure not to use my appliances during peak hours. You’re also right about the importance of turning off the computer and television when not in use.

    1. Electrical Engineer says:

      Everyone should save energy for green earth…

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