What Will Happen When You are Struck By Lightning?

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Generally, lightning strikes are not always a death sentence. But we may get several news in each year that people died by lightning around the world. Like this year in Asia several people killed by deadly lightning. Although 500 people are struck by lightning each year and about them, 90 percent survive. In this post, we will learn, “What Will Happen When You are Struck By Lightning?”

WASHINGTON — Lightning strikes near the U.S. Capitol building during a thunderstorm here May 14. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Cherie A. Thurlby)

Now before we go further let’s know about, How Lightning Actually Forms?

How Lightning Forms:

Thing is that till now we are not sure what the causes behind the Lightning. But scientists believe that, when positive and the negative charges grow large enough within the cloud, then a giant spark occurs between these two charges. It is kind of an example of static electricity sparks that you usually see. But in this case, it is a much higher amount. But most of the lightning happens inside a cloud or between clouds and sometimes it happens between clouds and the ground. When lightning happens, it races toward the ground approximately 300000 KM per hour. A single lightning strikes can strike the ground with a power of 300 kilovolts or more.

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What Will Happen When You are Struck By Lightning:

Every year in United State lightning strikes creates approximately 75 thousand forest fire. It can split the entire tree down the middle in just a split second before you think. Now think what it can do with a human body. But there is good news that lightning will not burn you like grilled chicken. But it can do some serious damage to our body. An average of 47 people is killed by lightning each year.

A single lightning strikes can carry up to 1 to 10 billion Joules of energy to the ground. This amount of energy can create an internal short circuit to small electrical signals inside a human body that runs our heart, lungs and the nervous system. This excessive energy can lead to Seizures, Cardiac Arrest, Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Damage, and Amnesia.

Now electricity is not the only problem for you. Lightning is blisteringly hot that can heat the surrounding air temperature at a critical level. Air temperature can reach up to 53000 Degrees Fahrenheit in just under a second. This temperature is five times higher than the surface temperature of our sun which is 9941 Degrees Fahrenheit. This excessive temperature helps air to a rapid explosion. It can act like a sudden shockwave that we hear as thunder.

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It’s been calculated that, if you stand about the 30 feet from a lightning stick point can have a blast shockwave which is equivalent to 5 kg T.N.T Bomb. Now this enormous amount of heat, electricity, and shockwave can also damage your eyes. There is a possibility that is can create a hole in your retina. It can causes cataracts for days to weeks. There is some other side effect from lightning. It can include impotence in men and overall decreased libido.

It was all about from the inside of the human body. Now if we move to the surface of the human body then we will affect by some other issue by lightning. When lighting moved through the surface of human skin that time it can force red blood cells out of your capillaries into your epidermis like a bruise. These intricate designs are called Lichtenberg figures.

This enormous temperature can heat up any metal that you are wearing like metal watch and bracelet and create third-degree burns. This temperature can also vaporize your sweat and rainwater on your skin. The resulting steam explosion can blow up your cloth and shoes.

How to Stay Safe From Lightning Strikes:

Ok, now you know, what can happen if you strike by lightning? But how can you be safe? So for starting your day at first have a look at one weather forecast. Try to stay indoors during the storm and thundering. But unlikely if you are outside then trying to avoid any isolated tree, utility pole, and open fields. Try to reach any building or hard-topped metal vehicle. There is some other safety procedure is available. I will discuss this with you in my next post.

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