Smart Home Devices for Energy Savings.

8 Smart Home Devices for Energy Savings

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Sometimes our monthly utility bill causes our heart working overtime. It’s a common problem all around the country. One thing is important that your utility company is not cheating on you. It’s you who is not saving electricity.  In this post, we are going to provide you 8 smart home devices idea with an approximate cost that can save your energy.

8 Smart Home Devices for Energy Savings:

There are many different ways to cut your energy bills down to size. You don’t need to change the entire house electrical system for it. Because there are many smart homes device is available in the market and if you install those in the right place at your home which will reduce your monthly utility bill. Here is the list of 8 smart devices with an approximate price that you can look for your home.

1: Smart Thermostat – $120+

Throughout the year, heating and cooling purposes for a home consume a large amount of energy. But a simple smart Thermostat can easily change the climate according to your requirements. You can control it by your Smartphone apps which will give you full access to control your home weather from any place. This type of Thermostat can sense human presence and then it will adjust the temperature of that particular place of your home according to your previous set value. By chance, if you forget to turn off the heating system then this Thermostat automatically turned it off which can save lots of energy.

2: Smart WiFi Switch – $13+

This smart Wifi Switch is so effective and its starting cost is very low. If you connect this device in your home then this smart switch can be operated from anywhere via Smartphone/device. This is the best convenient energy-saving option for bedroom lights, fans, porch lights and many more.

3: Light Occupancy Sensor Switch – $15+

This is the most common smart device that can really help you. These Light Occupancy Sensors replace the standard light switches in the home. Its working principle is like, sensing when your family enters or leaves a room from many feet away. Then it turns lights on and off when needed. This device is great for guest baths, the utility, and anywhere people fumble for the light switch.

4: Home Smart Outlets – $30+

A smart outlet will replace a standard outlet. Working with a smart device is driven app or Alexa/Google Home voice-operated command can schedule the times you want your outlet on or off for easier. It will provide you the more efficient operation of lamps, fans, humidifiers, water heaters, and many more home appliances.

5: Smart Surge Protector – $22+

You should fight with energy vampires. Home devices like video game consoles can consume large amounts of energy juice even when not in use. For this problem, you can install a smart surge protector at your home.

6: Smart Blinds -$160+

In the summertime, enormous heat from outside can put pressure on your air conditioning system.  Now if you get direct sunlight into your home then your air conditioning will not perform properly. For this problem, these smart blinds give your HVAC a break. It wills automatically close when they reach a preset temperature setting or adjusting on schedule.

7: Smart Sprinkler Controller – $100+

A smart sprinkler controller can reduce your outdoor water expenses by 50%.

9: Smart LED Light Bulb – $10+

LED Light uses 75% less energy than obsolete incandescent bulbs. There are several LED light bulbs are available. But some smart bulbs are unbeatable. You can turn off bulbs, dim, and even adjust colors with today’s latest smart bulb tech remotely.

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There is no way to waste energy. Only the smart energy management system can reduce energy-wasting and save lots of money.

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