What is Electrical Safety, Safe Voltage and Current for Human Body?

When you are an Electrical Engineer or your work is related with electricity then you must know some basic about electrical safety. Because, life is very important subject among the world. In this post I will explain some about electrical safety that can really safe you while you are working.

Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety:

Yes, water flow we can see it. Air for can feel it but flow of current through conductor we cannot see. This is why electricity is the problem to handle. For this reason it’s very important to know how and why electricity is become dangerous for human body.

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Each year, hundred or maybe thousands of people are killed and more are injured by electrical energy. Much accident could be preventing if personnel are simply made aware of how and why electricity is dangerous. Many of such accident cause plant shutdown and loss of live and wealth. Electrical hazard becomes causes of loss of life and wealth. So, we need to pay attention to this deadly hazard.

Cause of Electrical Hazard:

Here is some situation where an electrical hazard can happens

  1. Short Circuit
  2. Sparking
  3. Arcing
  4. Flashing
  5. Blast
  6. Loose Connection
  7. Under Size Cable

Now electrical hazard can be divided by two categories

    1. Hazard to Human Body

By Flow of Electricity

    1. Hazard to Wealth

By Firing Causes by Electrical Short Circuit
By Explosion / Firing Causes by Electrical Spark

Safe Voltage and Current for Human Body:

The physiological effect of electric current can be predicted with the chart shown below

Current (A) Physiological Effect
0.2 DEATH (Heart Muscle Failure)
0.1 Extreme Breathing Difficulties, Muscular Paralysis, Painful Sensation
0.001 Mid Sensation

I hope you like this post. If yes then please share with others and let them know the effect of electrical hazard. In my next post I will explain about the current effect on human body.

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