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Top 10 Best College or University in India For Electrical Engineering

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If you are planning to pursue Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering in India then we have got the list of Top 10 Colleges in India. You can go through the list and apply for the colleges as per your merit in the exam. If, however, you are still going to appear in the exam, make sure you give your best shot in order to be eligible for admissions in these colleges. All these colleges are the premium colleges that offer top-notch education and research facilities to the students.

So, read the list of the Top 10 Electrical Engineering Colleges in India.

1 – IIT Madras:

The institution has been renowned for its academic reputation and research facilities for ages now. It is undoubtedly one of the most excellent IITs to get enrolled in. Offering the right amount of exposure and an endless number of opportunities to the students, the merit for admission goes quite high. So, you have to work really hard to get admissions. The course duration is 4 years and the admissions are done via the JEE Advanced Scores. If you are a graduate, you can get admission via GATE for the higher studies.

2 – IIT Bombay:

With lots of research opportunities and a faculty that has transformed the way, education is imparted, IIT Bombay is a name that is synonymous with quality education. It comes second in ranking as far the Electrical Engineering is concerned. The admissions at the Graduate level are conducted by JEE Advanced scores and at the PG level are conducted by CED and GATE scores. It is Govt. owned and is approved by UGC. You can also be a part of various MoUs and international student exchange programs to explore the studies abroad. The placement record is impeccable.

3 – Vellore Institute of Technology:

The Vellore campus of the Vellore Institute of Technology is a center of excellence and is one of the most reputed colleges for Electrical Engineering. The major downer is the fact that it is being privately owned. So, the fees are higher as compared to the other colleges. Apart from this fact, the college is a premium college to earn your degrees in Electrical Engineering. The college is accredited to NAAC C and is approved by UGC. The admissions are conducted on the basis of VITMEE, NATA, and VITEEE. NATA is for admissions in the Architecture Courses.

4 – IIT Delhi:

One of the most elite colleges in the nation, IIT Delhi is a prestigious college. It can give you an extremely different and well-cut setup for a career in Electrical Engineering. Apart from being a member of the elite IIT group, it offers impeccable opportunities for research and development. The faculty is expert and renowned. The college is run by the Govt. The admissions are conducted by the JEE Advanced, CEED and GATE scores.

5 – IIT Kharagpur:

We bet that you have been waiting to read this name on the list! The institute is famous for its education standards and research department for Electrical Engineering. Not only you get to study and explore under the expert minds, but you also get to work on some important projects and modules as well. The nation-wide admissions are done on the basis of scores in the exams of JEE Advanced and GATE. The GATE scores are for admissions in the PG programs.

6 – IIT Kanpur:

This goes without saying that IITs are the best colleges that you can opt for a sterling career. IIT Kanpur is one of those prestigious IITs that have been famous for its Research and Development department. When it comes to Electrical Engineering, the college has an impeccable record and offers a lot of opportunities. You can get admissions on the basis of scores in JEE Advanced, CEED, and GATE.

7 – DTU, Delhi:

This is yet another reliable name when it comes to a career in Electrical Engineering. The research facilities are decent and the quality of education is commendable. Admissions are done via GATE, DTU Exam, and JEE Main.

8 – College of Engineering, Pune:

This is one of the oldest premier colleges for Electrical Engineering. The admissions are done on the basis of scores in MHT CET and GATE.

9 – NIT, Warangal:

This is yet another brilliant college to start a sterling career in EE. Earlier the exam was conducted separately, but now the admissions are done on the basis of JEE Main and GATE.

10 – BITS Pilani, Pilani:

The Pilani campus of BITS is a renowned institution that has created many successful names. The admissions are done via BITSAT for all the campuses. The test is conducted online.

This completes the list of the top 10 colleges for Electrical Engineering in India. So, work hard and aim for these names to make a wonderful start of your career.

There are tons of other institutes and organizations trying and combating electricity complications in the country. These stars from such colleges would surely come up with a better scenario of the electricity stature and the ease of its use and availability at every nook and corner of the country.

Good Luck!

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