Why Bangalore Needs More Power Supply?

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Bangalore is one of the modern and well-developed cities in India. It is called the Garden City for a reason. From its weather to its urban culture, the city has good vibes that attract the attention of people from other states to come, work and live in it.

A stable supply of electricity has been one of the drivers of the economy of the state of Karnataka over the last few years. Bangalore, being the capital city of the southern state in India, reflects the fat aptly. Does it need further improvement in this direction? The answer is “Yes.” Wondering why it needs more power? Here are some reasons that answer the question in the best possible manner.

Growing Demand for Domestic Consumption:

The income levels of people in Bangalore have improved over the last few years. This has also enhanced the quality of life. People have started spending on items such as refrigerators, air coolers, air conditioners, heaters, and other electronic accessories more these days than in the past.

People even do not hesitate to spend money on buying desktops. All these electronic equipment consume a huge amount of electric energy. Therefore, increasing the production of electricity is the need of the hour. This can come in handy in preventing the shortage of power and more possibility of a power cut.

Thriving Business:

Bangalore has a thriving business model. It houses the branches of several MNCs and reputed companies of various niches. Many more companies are likely to join in the next few years. While this is good news for the government from the standpoint of investment in the city, the administration also faces a challenge.

It faces the challenge of providing an uninterrupted power supply to make sure frequent power cuts do not interrupt the productivity of a company during office hours. This is necessary to maintain the steam needed for the growth engine of the state, and hence the country.


Bangalore is has a reputation throughout India. People expect it to have all kinds of amenities. Plus, it also has amusement parks, malls, and several other points that light up in the evening and remain lit throughout the night.  An uninterrupted supply of electricity is necessary to ensure that these lights are not put off.

One of the highlights of a global city is that it remains lit up 24×7. Though Bangalore has been able to live up to its reputation in the last few years, more electricity is needed to fulfill the purpose with the growing population.

Prevention of Air Pollution:

The world has started acknowledging the disastrous effects of global warming. Vehicular emissions and industrial emissions are a major contributor to the rising pollution levels in various cities these days. Bangalore has witnessed a sharp rise in the purchase of vehicles in recent years. This makes it all-important to ensure that proper steps are taken to curb the menace of air pollution.

The irregularity of the weather cycle and the rising temperatures during summers have made it all the more important to take prompt action before the situation goes out of control. Electronic vehicles and equipment that runs of electricity are the need of the hour. Keeping this in mind, it becomes important for BESCOM to enhance its production of electricity.

Final Thoughts:

Timely BESCOM bill payment by consumers and equally good quality of service by the board has helped establish the perfect harmony between the two. The availability of more power can serve as the x-factor to give more momentum to the economic activities in Bangalore. This can lead to the subsequent prosperity and betterment of the lives of those who reside in Bangalore.

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