Meaning of Electrical Commissioning

Electrical Commissioning is totally different from electrical erection. But without erection you cannot proceed to the Commissioning parts. In my last post I already discuss about the Electrical Erection work procedure. In this post I am going to discuss about the “Electrical Commissioning” period that I experience in factory. So let’s go.

Meaning of Electrical Commissioning:

I will start explain Electrical Commissioning from the very beginning. So what I did? First of all it was my responsibility to design an Electrical Substation. It took about three month for civil and installation procedure to reach the Commissioning period. We checked all the cable connection for ABS, ACB, CT, PT, Transformer to HT control panel, Earthing System, Lightning Protection Grounding, Transformer to LT panel power cable connection and many more.

Before starting our substation for the first time we checked everything in Commissioning period. When LV power reach LT panel then we started co check our BBT. LT panel came intact from oversees and we did some test like megger test. Then we checked BBT joint connection with power and checked the voltage level at the ends of BBT line.

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When line to line voltage different was 400V then we provided the power to the individual machine. But before providing the power we checked again all the machine internal wiring connection like sensor to PLC, Inverter to Main Motor, Signal Lamp, Circuit Breaker, Limit Switch, 400/24V Transformer and some others connection.

Our Mechanical Engineer was present with us. He also checked his item like foundation bolt, looseness nut, Transmission Belt and some others components. When everything is checked from two departments then we provided the power to the machine.

When Inverter started we set its parameter respect with motor. We started our machine with low speed for the first time by using inverter. When machine started all engineer from electrical and mechanical department started to collect the data and matched with standard data.

This is how we can know that our machine is running well or not. Some Service Engineer for individual machine manufacturer was present with us and they inspect the Commissioning procedure for both department. When everything is set to the standard procedure for running a machine then we kept individual machine running without any lode for next 8 hour.

After eight hour again we collect data and analyzed with standard data and if everything is ok then machine Commissioning is successful.

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