What is Transformer Oil and Types of Transformer Oil

Transformer Oil

Power Transformer is always an essential part of an electrical substation. It’s your responsibility to keep this active 24/7. I already posted a couple of articles about it. I request you to read some of it and learn more about a power transformer.

In this post, I am going to discuss all the transformer oil and why we use transformer oil in a power transformer.

What is Power Transformer Oil:

Generally, the oil we use for the electrical power transformer insulation and cooling purpose is called the transformer oil or insulating oil. This oil used to collect through the partial distillation of crude petroleum. Now there are two main reasons for using this insulation oil in power transformers.

  1. Transformer Oil is responsible for protecting the transformer’s main core and the winding. Transformer Oil also acts as insulation so that it could protect winding from direct contact with the oxygen and stop any kind of oxidation reaction.
  2. There is another key point to use transformer oil in a power transformer. It absorbs the excess amount of heat when the transformer is operational and keeps the transformer cool from inside.

So, the transformer oil primary functions are cooling and insulating the transformer. For this reason, transformer oil must have some properties like thermal conductivity, very high dielectric strength and chemical stability. When held at high temperatures for extended periods in the transformer then oil must keep remains these properties.

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Now come to the types of transformer insulation oil. Normally there are two types of transformer oils are used and these are,

  1. Naphtha Based Transformer Insulation Oil.
  2. Paraphin Based Transformer Insulation Oil.
33/11KV Oil Type Power Transformer

33/11KV Oil Type Power Transformer

In addition to a power transformer, this oil is also used in high voltage switches, high voltage capacitors, and circuit breakers.

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