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What is The Meaning of Electrical Erection

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Electrical Erection was an unknown word for me when I was a student. After completing my B.Sc I joined a factory. This factory was old like 10 years. So every work was going in this factory in a systematic way. Then I heard the word “Electrical Erection”.

The Meaning of Electrical Erection:

I was a little bit curious about this Electrical Erection word and went to Google and got some ideas. The erection is the first work schedule for a factory.

It does not matter with the age of the factory because inside of an industry boundary an extinction project can be start or a new unit of the production line can be made. In this time all machinery and electrical equipment will install in the factory.

I was lucky that I got the opportunity to work in the erection period in a new growing factory. Now I am working in the textile sector and my division is Spinning. We use to make 100% export quality of yarn.

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When I join this factory and that time it was just a name. There was nothing. Some days later Civil Constriction work started and people are coming to work. So, from my electrical department I just had some work like planning the Substation, LT and HT Panel Selection, Design  BBT, Power Cable Calculation, and some others work. After completing the Civil work we received our machinery.

We imported all-new machinery from various countries that we can get the best quality of yarn. It was our first priority to install all machines on the factory floor. We hired several skilled technicians that we can finish our erection in time.

This is the most important and critical time for a factory. If any mistake remains then factory life will less. For this reason, we got some Service Engineers from several countries for different machines. We worked with them and if there is any mistake they fixed it.

It took about more than one year to start our production. In the meantime from my electrical department, we did some work like Connecting Power Cable from BBT to Individual Machine, Internal Wiring for Individual Machine, Several Earthing Point and Lightning Protection Grounding.

After completing our Electrical Erection it was time for Commissioning. I will explain everything about this in my next post.

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