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Transformer Schedule and Overhaul Maintenance

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In this post, I will discuss the schedule and overhaul maintenance for a power transformer. So you just need to follow this procedure for a power transformer. For batter and smooth operation, these two types of transformer maintenance should perform.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance For Power Transformer:

  1. First of all visual inspection. Inspect the transformer very carefully. You may detect some fittings problem on the transformer body and eliminate the problem.
  2. Drainage of transformer sludge, etc, Form the conservator.
  3. Adding the transformer oil (If necessary)
  4. Always check the oil gauges.
  5. Check the all drain lock and its gasket, tightening of bolts or nuts.
  6. Test the gap fuse on the transformer operated with it’s neutral insulated on the low voltage side.
  7. Test the operating and all protective earthing system.
  8. Inspection and cleaning of the transformer cooling facilities like the radiator.
  9. Check all insulation resistance.
  10. If possible run a transformer oil testing.
  11. Check all gas protective devices and relay.

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Overhaul Maintenance for Transformer:

  1. Open the entire transformer, lifting out of core assembly and inspect all of the parts very carefully.
  2. You need to repair the core assembly (The man core, the tape changer switch and the winding).
  3. Repair conservator, main cover, all vents pipes, all side radiators, temperature meter, cocks an insulator.
  4. Cooling and the oil purifying device should be repaired.
  5. Clean all transformers inside and outside. If possible paint the main body tank.
  6. Test all protective devise, signal and indicating instruments.
  7. Purification and renewal of the transformer oil.
  8. Now assemble the transformer and if necessary, drying out the insulation.
  9. Repair the transformer and then test the primary power equipment like cables, switch, insulator and others with a step-up voltage.
  10. Adjust the tap changing system.
  11. Carry out of the measurement and tests of the power transformer required by acting local insulation and regulation.

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This is all about transformer maintenance. Now, if you find this post useful then please share it with your friends. Thank You!

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