Why Boiler Explode and How to Prevent Explosion

Boiler Explosion

First of all, what is a Boiler? And the simple answer, a typical boiler is a closed vessel in which water or other fluid substance can be heated. You may find an electric or GAS powered boiler in your workplace. In my last workplace, there was a GAS powered boiler and we used water for yarn conditioning. The boiler also uses in Thermal Power Plant for Generating Electricity.

A boiler has several uses in different types of industries. These types of boiler are called an industrial boiler. To maintain smooth operation for this kind of boiler required quality manpower and proper maintenance. It could be a disaster if there is any failure with its operation and perfect maintenance.

In this post I am going to discuss “Why boiler explodes and what should you know to be a perfect industrial boiler operator?

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Now let’s see “Why a boiler can explode?

There is a steel pipe inside the boiler and inside of this steel pipe fire passes through and water or fluid becomes steam. This is the normal operation for any kind of boiler. You will find several water pumps with each boiler. This pump helps to send soft water means a special type of machine that makes normal water to soft water inside the boiler.

Oxygen needs to remove from water and filter the water to remove iron then send it to inside the boiler. Boiler’s life depends on water. Sometimes people do not run the water softener plant because of cost. This is a suicidal decision.

By the water, pump water sends to the boiler and ignite by burning gas or oil inside the boiler. There are two common mechanical safety valves with each boiler. After the 80% completion of the Vassal, the electrical sensor will send a signal to stop the ignition or fire. When the steam level is 30% inside the vassal ignition will start again.

You can change this setting with your requirements. Now if the electrical sensor fails then the mechanical safety valve will open automatically. You may ask “Why boiler explodes due to huge steam pressure when there is three-way to release the pressure automatically?

Such accidents can occur if the safety valve is not open even the steam pressure is over. Sometimes the safety valve remains installed for years and it is not tested whether it is working or not. Sometimes the valve can be closed when the dirt becomes stagnant and the boiler may explode.

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It has been found that the electric safety guard is not automatically operated in the boiler when it should operate. It can happen due to non-maintenance in time. Sometimes the boiler can blast by non trained engineers or technicians.

Now let’s find out “What skill should have a boiler operator?

  1. Check whether gas pressure and the main electric power supply lines are working properly or not.
  2. Test the water from the Fed Tank is soft or not. Hardness water cannot be used in any case.
  3. Open Ear/ Header cap if there is air in the boiler then blow it by a blower.
  4. Water and GAS level should be checked regularly.
  5. Make sure to check the appropriate amount of steam inside the boiler.
  6. The flame of fire should be monitor regularly whether it is appropriate or not.
  7. Check the fed water hardness (0-5), pH level (7-11) and the Fed Tank’s Temperature (60-700C) degree every eight hours.
  8. If there is any abnormal sound then find out its source and take the necessary action as soon as possible.
  9. Check all safety valves of the boiler once in a month.
  10. The water level controller should be cleaned every 30 days.
  11. Check Sequence Controller and Safety Circuit and serviced it if needed.
  12. Examine the gas solenoid valve and services according to need.
  13. Examine the scale quantities inside the boiler and clean it on an emergency basis if the scale is observed.
  14. Test the boiler water is soft and 15 PSI then flow it down.
  15. Every 6 months Boiler Fire Tube, Fire Champers and Compressor must be cleaned.

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