How to Start and Stop Waukesha Gas Generator?

In my last factory, there were two Waukesha GAS generators. It was my responsibility to keep two generators active for 24/7. Because it is the only power source for our factory.  Our two Waukesha GAS generators alternator model number was MTG 846, KVA 1125, KW 900, PF 0.8, Voltage 415, AMPS 1565, Hz 50, RPM 1000 and Phase 3. These two generators were synchronized by a synchronizer.

In this post, I will discuss how to start and stop a Waukesha gas Generator. So let’s go.

Waukesha MTG 846, KVA 1125, KW 900, PF 0.8, Voltage 415, AMPS 1565, Hz 50, RPM 1000 and 3 Phase alternator.

How to Start a Waukesha Gas Generator?

  1. First, observe the generator engine and synchronizer. Remove any tools and others particle from the generator. Because you may suddenly keep any tools on the generator. Check oil level, gas pressure, water pump for the cooling system and others.
  2. Turn on the ignition switch. Check the connection of IPM, ESM, and Actuator etc. is open or not.
  3. Turn on the power switch from the control panel. Make sure that this time the lube oil pump is operational and check there is any positive pressure in the lube oil pressure gauge (At least 5 PSI) shows.
  4. Remove the extra air from the lube oil filter and keep open the lube oil cooler drain valve for a while. When the engine starts then close the lube oil drain valve.
  5. Make sure the oil pressure minimum 50 (+ -), 5 PSI or 380 (+ -), 35 KPA. Be careful if the lube oil pressure is not suitable within twenty seconds or if the lube oil pressure exceeds, immediately stop the engine.
  6. Keep running the engine without any load as long as it does not arrive at the temperature of the water (100-130F) or (38-540C). Do not keep running the engine without load (Free Load) or few amounts of loads (Less than 33%). It could have to make damage to the turbocharger and spark plugs may lead to dirt.
  7. Check the voltage and frequencies are ok or not if it’s not ok then go to the configure menu to the control panel HMI and adjust the voltage and frequencies by logging (Operator / Assembly).
  8. Check the PFI plant is closed or not. If you are having two generators then synchronized two generators by the synchronizer. Now turn on the main circuit breaker and increase the load slowly.
  9. Repeat the voltage and frequencies checking after increasing the load and adjust it again if needed. If the power factor is less than 0.8 then turn on PFI plant or panel.
  10. Physically observe the running generator again. Check the water pump and the cooling tower.
Waukesha Gas Generator MTG 846, KVA 1125, KW 900, PF 0.8, Voltage 415, AMPS 1565, Hz 50, RPM 1000 and Phase 3
Waukesha Gas Generator Engine Nameplate.

How to Stop Waukesha Gas Generator?

  1. Decrease the load slowly and stop the main circuit breaker.
  2. Keep the engine running without any load for 5 minutes so that the engine can be cool gradually.
  3. Stop the engine from the main control panel.
  4. Close the gas valve manually.
  5. Check the lube oil pump motor stay on for 1 minute after stopping the engine.
  6. Keep the ignition or emergency switches off position. If needed disconnect the connection to ESM, ACTUATOR, IPM etc.
  7. Stop the cooling tower pumps motor and fans.

How to Stop Waukesha Gas Generator in Emergency Situation?

This generator engines can be stopped by switching off the engine’s ignition switch or emergency switch.  You can also stop the engine by manually closing the gas valve in an emergency situation. This procedure can be taken when it’s really an emergency situation.

Note: When there is a possibility of damage to the engine or operator, it should stop the engine by simply shutting down the ignition switch or emergency stop switch or manually switching the gas valve to close position.

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