First Aid Treatment for Electrocution

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When you are doing electrical work in your daily life then you must know how to work with electricity and if there is any electrocuted happens with you or someone then what will be the first step to deal with this problem.

But before we go you must know the minimum voltage and current effect for the human body can tolerate. You will find every detail about in this post that I already published for you. In this post, I am going to discuss what you should do when someone got electrocuted.

Human body can conduct electricity. Human body can easily be electrocuted when there is any open current or an electric line in which it has electricity. This type of sudden incident is very common. You will find many people who are injured by electricity.

First Aid Treatment for Electrocution:

When you are working at home occasionally, such small accidents can occur with you. Even it can be very dangerous for you and it could cause the death of a person. Now if someone is forced to play electrical shock or electrocuted then what will be your immediate tasks and First Aid? Let’s go and find out.

  1. First, do not touch the person when he or she is attached to an electrical circuit or open electrical cable.
  2. Electric Switch or Circuit Breaker should be closed immediately.
  3. If the Main Switch or Circuit Breaker cannot be closed, then the affected person must be separated from the electricity source by a dry newspaper, piece of dry wood, wool cloth or rubber.
  4. If there is no Main Switch or Circuit Breaker (High Transmission Line) then call the electric office or substation to stop the mainline immediately.
  5. Do not through the water to the electrocuted person.
  6. The electrocuted person’s neck, chest, and waist cloth should be loosened.
  7. If you think that the heart pulse of the affected person is stopped, then you must quickly press on his chest. In the medical language, it’s called CPR.
  8. Make sure to prevent the injured person from becoming chilled.
  9. Try to cover any burned areas with a sterile gauze bandage if it’s available near to you, or a very clean cloth. Make sure blanket or towel will not be used in this situation because loose fibers can stick to the burns and it will be painful when it needs to remove.
  10. If you think that the heart pulse of affected persons is already stopped and CPR is not working then you must provide artificial breathing. It must be done at least for a long time until you take him to the hospital.
  11. The patient needs to be taken to the hospital as soon as possible.
  12. If the affected person is conscious but in danger situation then tells him, Help is coming soon.

Now there is some common advice and it must be cautious.

  1. Always remember electrical equipment cannot be caught in a wet body or hand.
  2. Any electricity work cannot be done in wet places.
  3. You must wear sponge or rubber shoes when you are doing any electrical work.
  4. When you are doing electrical work if possible stop the Main Switch or Circuit Breaker during work time.
  5. Keep minimum of one or two people near to you when you are doing electric work at your home or workplace.

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Life is very important to be alert when you are dealing with electricity. Now if you find this post useful then please share with your friends those who are working with electricity in their daily life. Thanks!

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