Three Best Sources of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy will be the ultimate energy solution for near future. When there was no electricity human used the power of renewable energy. You may ask how, human used wind mill, water mill for their various purposes.

When we started to use electricity in our home and industry then it become demandable day by day. Now we cannot spend a single day without electricity. For getting the demand at first we went through the fossil fuel like coal, natural gas and very expensive ground oil.

We already used most of the dependable source. Because this kind of fossil fuel you cannot find in every place in this world. There is some place in this world where we can get fossil fuel like Middle East country.

There is lot of problem when you are using fossil fuel. When we burn fossil fuel then it leaves Carbon Di Oxide to the air and it’s really harmful for human. For this reason renewable energy will be the best solution for future energy demand.

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In this post I will discuss three best sources of renewable energy that we can find in any country. Now come to the point, why we called it renewable energy?

The answer is, the energy that is usually collected from the renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as the Sunlight (Solar Power), Wind, Rain Water, Tides, Geothermal Heat and Waves. But Tides, Geothermal Heat and Waves is not possible to get in every places. For this reason I will discuss only about the three best sources of renewable energy for you.

Three Best Sources of Renewable Energy:

  1. Sunlight (Solar Power): When you weak up at the morning and you see the sun from your window that means you can generate electricity by using the solar power. You just need to select a place where is no shadow and lots of heat. Then just collect some solar panel and connect some DC battery with that and it will charged the battery by using solar panel. You can use this solar generated electricity at day time and when sun goes off then you can use electricity from the solar charged batter. This is how you can generate electricity from a source which will come again tomorrow and you can produce electricity again and again.
  2. Wind Power: Wind is available source of energy which we can find at every place in this world. But you cannot setup and wind turbine at any place because you must need at least 6–8 meters per second of wind speed for a small wind turbine. When wind flow and it drag the turbine blade then turbine blade moves a rotor which connect with the main shaft and it spins generator and produce electricity. But this technology is very expensive.
  3. Rain Water: This year we are having lot of rain fall in Asia. For this reason we faced several flood in several country. But there is a way that we can use this rain water for producing electricity and we are already using this technology. We just need to select a place which is surrounded by hill. Then just need to build a dam and store the rain water. This technologies main key point is gravity. Water will fall from height, when dam’s hydraulic gates are open. But in the mean time, water will flow through a water turbine and turbine will connect with main shafts and these shafts will spins a generator and produce electricity. This technologies name is Hydroelectric Power Generation. Rain water will flow to a river after generating electricity.

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