Why Busbar Trunking System is Preferred Over Cabling

Benefits and comparison of Busbar Trunking System are numerous. The total cost of ownership (TCO) is very low compared to conventional cabling system for distribution up to load due to a shorter and easier installation. It required less time & space with low costs. Its overall maintenance is very less.

Busbar Benefits and Comparison:

Compactness: The Sandwich Construction renders the BBT system more compact than air insulated bus bar system. For this reason, BBT is a preferred choice in the plant room and building applications all over the world.

Energy Efficiency: Compactness of sandwich construction results in higher efficiency due to lower voltage drop and impedance. This ensures all connected equipment runs cooler and solve energy waste.

Flexible: Additions of the floor to a building or an expansion to an existing system is extremely simple with sandwich BBT. They are scalable & elegant. But cabling can’t provide you this advantage.

Safe And Sure: Higher mechanical strength over long runs. BBT has better electrical conductivity and lower mV drop which ensures high reliability. Ability to withstand high short circuit currents makes them doubly safe.

Fire Retardant: Sandwich construction do not have an air gap due to which natural progression of fire is inhibited. Epoxy insulation, being flame retardant provides better resistance to the spread of fire.

Economical: Inherently flexible design ensures easy installation and maintenance thus resulting in lower installation and maintenance costs.

Busbar Trunking System is Preferred Over Cabling
Busbar Trunking System is Preferred Over Cabling

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The Benefit of Busbar Over Cabling System:

  1. Busbar Trunkings are very functional and flexible. Busbar systems can quickly accommodate changes in machinery lines or any kind of extension.
  2. Load balancing is easy to achieve with the Busbar Trunking System.
  3. Unlike conventional cabling system, jointing can be done in Busbar Trunking system very easily.
  4. Individual floor metering system can be easily incorporated.
  5. Busbar installations can be changed or can be mounted to another establishment.
  6. Minimum maintenance required.
  7. It can stand strokes with metal housing.
  8. Voltage drop can be measured exactly as inductive reactance and electrical values are designed and calculated values.
  9. Busbar projects are easy to prepare Even with estimated layouts, it can be projected and an approximate material list can be prepared.
  10. It gives a modern and aesthetic appearance where it’s used.
  11. The system does not occupy a large area and helps space management. Considering its ampere range dimensions are small.
  12. Comparing to cable systems mounting and manpower costs are very low. Shot mounting time helps time management.
  13. Reduces amounts and dimensions of panel boards.
  14. Heat transfer is perfect for compact types.
  15. Short circuit withstands are high.
  16. Energy can be collected from plug-in points without turning off the power, As a result in case of extension or changes other systems connected to busbar will not be affected.
  17. Busbars can he applied to any kind of building by its modular structure.
  18. Busbar trunking’s don’t carry flames in case of fire as a result of a compact structure.
  19. Operating costs are minimums.
  20. Establishments can be operational in 50 % shorter time to other systems, for its easy mounting and installation.
  21. No additional ducting or piping is necessary.
  22. Busbar Trunkings have the advantage of expanding, change, replacement and reusing. According to needs it can be changed or moved to another establishment.

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