How to Select a Perfect AC Motor?

Electric Motor is one of the most common electrical components. You may already found various types, shapes of AC motor in your service life. Form my side it’s a daily work to inspect at list two motors in my work.

But when I was a new engineer it was a little bit complicated to select a perfect motor for my work. Maybe I am not so advance about electric motors but at list, I can tell you what you need to follow to select a perfect type of AC motor for your work.

AC Motor
AC Motor

AC Motor Selection:

Selection of a driving motor always depends primarily on the condition and under which condition it will operate and the type of load it has to be handled. Now the main guiding factors for selecting a motor in bellows,

  1. Number of Phases: Single Phase or Three Phases.
  2. Main Supply Voltage: 110V, 220V, 400V, 3.3KV, 6KV.
  3. Rating: KW or MW.
  4. RPM: Revolutions per Minute.
  5. Control of Speed: Constant Speed (Single Speed), Variable Speed, Control Speed
  6. Some Special Condition: Horizontal Location, Very High Starting Torque, Traction Duty and Breaking Point.
  7. Users Requirements of Load, Local Conditions.
  8. The Duty Cycle / Running Characteristics.
  9. The Load Characteristics.
  10. Noise and Vibration Level.
  11. Environmental Condition.
  12. Enclosure.
  13. The Insulation Class.
  14. The Method of Power Transmission.
  15. Types of Cooling System.
  16. Application Standard.
  17. Cost Consideration.

So those are the most common and important factors for selecting an AC motor for any kind of purpose and this factor will apply only for AC motor. You may find different types of a motor like DC motor, Servo Motor, Stepper Motor and some other special types of motor. For this occasion use your experience and consult with an expert person and find your perfect types of motor.

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