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Power Plant Classification Based on Fuel Type, Load and Place

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Power Plant is the most efficient way that we can get low-cost electricity. For this reason, establishing a new Power Plant is much important for a country. Because our demand of using electricity is getting higher every year. We already know that making a new power plant for a country is always depends on the source of energy that can be converted to electricity.

In this post, I will talk about the most common type of power plant based on fuel types. I will also discuss the classification of a power plant based on its Load and Place.

Power Plant Classification Based on Fuel Type:

Fuel is the most common energy source for a power plant. But it also has some advantages and disadvantages. Don’t worry another day I will discuss this topic. Now different Types Power Plant based on Fuel is bellows,

  1. Coal-Fired Power Plant
  2. Diesel/HFO Power Plant
  3. GAS Power Plant
  4. Nuclear Power Plant

Coal-Fired Power Plant:

History says Holborn Viaduct Power Station, named the Edison Electric Light Station was the world’s first coal-fired public power station and it started its operation on 12 January 1882. It was built at number 57, Holborn Viaduct in London, by Thomas Edison’s Edison Electric Light Company.

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But till now we use this type of power plant with enhancing technology. The working principle of this type of power plant is similar to Stream Powered Train. Because we burn coal inside a burner to generate steam in a boiler. Then stream transfer to the turbine and it rotated the Generator to generate electricity.

Diesel/HFO Power Plant:

This type of power plant use Engine to rotated generator prime mover. Normally low-speed engine use for operation. You may already see many small-medium speed diesel generators around you. Alternator always comes with the engine. Small diesel engine generator used for backup power source home, office and some industries. But it can be run for a long time as a permanent power source.

GAS Power Plant:

Natural GAS is the main source of energy for this type of power plant. Even we also use LPG to run a power plant. This type of power plant can have an engine and turbine that rotated the generator prime mover. GAS fired power plant is litter bit chipper than Diesel/HFO Power Plant.

We can also use the exhaust gas to run a boiler and generated a stream sent to the turbine to the rotated prime mover for another generator. This type of system called the Combined Cycle Power Plant. We can generate 50% more electricity by this technology. This technology is also applicable to Diesel/HFO Power Plant.

Nuclear Power Plant:

Setup a Nuclear Power Plant is very expensive but if you think about it for long time operation then it is one of the best sources for generating electricity. Nuclear Power Plant having the same operation principle as Steam Power Plant. But in this case, a nuclear reactor is used to generate heat and this heat generates stream that can rotate a steam turbine.

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Power Plant Classification Based on Load Type:

Yes, it’s true that all power plants can’t have the same capacity for generating electricity. Because our demand for electricity is always changeable even in 24 hours. Like in the morning time we use less electricity but in the evening we use more electricity. For this reason, there are two types of power plant are available.

  1. Base Load Power Plant
  2. Peak Load Power Plant

Base Load Power Plant:

A baseload power plant is a power station that generally provides a continuous supply of electricity to us throughout the year with some minimum power generation requirement. You can say this type of power plant provides electricity at off-peak hours like morning and midnight.

Peak Load Power Plant:

It’s a kind of opposite operation time from Base Load Power Plant. Because, when we use much electricity like 2 PM–8 PM then this type of power plant comes on the operation to provide us uninterrupted electricity without load shedding.

Power Plant Classification Based on Place:

According to the place and geographical location, a power plant can be set up with purpose. Because, where a maximum number of consumer live electricity demand will be high that place. Same as in an island less amount of consumer live electricity demand will below that place. Based on the place the power plant can be by two types.

  1. Central Power Plant
  2. Isolated Power Plant

Central Power Plant:

These types of power plants always connected with the national grid system. You can say it will be the main power plant where maximum we can get a continuous power supply.

Isolated Power Plant:

This type of power plant is responsible for supply electricity to a limited number of consumers in a remote place.

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